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Welcome to the pulse™ 2.7 beta page! Here you will find new pulse™ 2.7 beta releases, along with information about what is new in this version.

Beta Complete

The 2.7 beta program is now complete. Stable pulse™ 2.7 releases are available from the Zutubi website.


How To Participate

Would you like to try beta releases of pulse™ 2.7? It's as simple as following these steps:

1. Download the latest beta packages from below.
2. If you do not already have a license, you can download one from, or request one directly during the pulse™ setup wizard.
3. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for information about how to install and start using pulse™.
4. Enjoy!

Existing Pulse Users

If you are currently using an earlier pulse™ stable version, we advise caution when trying out a beta release. These releases are not recommended for production installations.

If you would like to try a beta, we suggest using a staging server with a subset of your real configuration. This is a good way to discover any upgrade issues early, so they can be fixed for 2.7 stable releases which you can then use in production.


You may like to check out the Compatibility Notes to see if there are any changes that concern you.

Reporting Bugs/Feature Requests

During the program, we expect there to be some teething issues with the beta builds. If you find such an issue, you can report it in our issue tracker.

This is also a great opportunity to suggest minor changes and enhancements to the new functionality in version 2.7. Such suggestions can be discussed on the forums or reported directly in our issue tracker.

Our thanks to all who take the trouble to give feedback. You're helping make pulse™ a better product for everyone!

Current Release

The latest build is 2.7.4, the first 2.7 release candidate build, released on the 8th of October 2014:




Windows Installer

Tar Archive

Zip Archive



Release Candidate



What's new

Pulse 2.7 introduces improvements and features in a broad range of areas. Key updates are outlined below.

agent storage management

New agent storage management options allow you to avoid spurious build failures due to low disk space, and easily clean up directories on a specific agent.

configuration performance improvements

Performance tuning of the configuration system should make it a lot snappier, particularly for larger installations and especially for custom projects.

log performance improvements

Performance and robustness improvements for real time output logging, reducing the memory footprint and CPU usage of builds with a lot of output.

xcode command updates

The Xcode command has been updated to include fields for modern projects that use workspaces and schemes, and to post-process output from the clang/llvm toolchain.

clang output post-processor

A new post-processor plugin has been added to parse output from clang and related tools (e.g. lld) to find common error and warning messages.

xctest post-processor

A new post-processor plugin has been added to parse test logs from XCTest, the preferred test framework in newer versions of Xcode.

improved dependency revision handling

Revision handling across dependent projects is now more flexible, making it easier to manage dependencies across multiple SCM repositories.

manual triggering

You can now manually fire cron and SCM triggers, to run a build using the trigger's properties and configuration.

new service support

Support for running as a service has improved on all platforms, now using Apache Commons Daemon on Windows and with systemd and upstart integration on Linux. See the new Running As A Service page for details.

scm upgrades

Upgrades to SCM plugins support the latest Subversion (1.8) and Git (2.0) versions. Git partial clone support has been revamped as part of the upgrade.

and more...

This release also includes numerous smaller improvements and fixes. Many are behind-the-scenes, making Pulse more maintainable into the future.

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