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The cookbook illustrates common tasks by-example. It is continually evolving, something like a detailed FAQ.




Capturing and Reporting Custom Metrics

Illustrates how to capture custom metrics from your builds and configure reports to chart metric trends over time.

Custom artifact handling with post build hooks

Illustrates how to use a custom script to manipulate build artifacts as part of a post-build action.

Extracting build output and including it in email

Illustrates how to extract a snippet of output from your build and include it in an email notification.

How to build a project using Java 1.4

Shows how to use resources to configure a project to use a JDK other than the one running pulse™.

Integrating Boost.Test Results

Shows how to integrate Boost.Test results produced using make or Boost.Build into your builds.

Integrating JUnit Results

Shows how to integrate JUnit test results produced using ant into your builds.

Logging In Pulse

Describes the types of logs produced by pulse™ and how to use them to debug problems.

Triggering Builds Via Subversion Hooks

Describes how to trigger builds on commits to Subversion via the remote API.

Understanding the Contents of the Data Directory

Describes the layout and contents of the data directory.

Using Apache VirtualHosts to access pulse

Shows how to configure Apache VirtualHosts to access pulse™.

Using External Archive Tools

Shows how to configure pulse™ to use custom zip/unzip tools for your platform.

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